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Hello guys

I am a determined, ambitious and highly passionate individual. I am a dreamer with a self sustaining mentality. I am an animal and nature lover. I am extremely passionate about human reform and the restoration of mother nature. I currently own a small furniture & rug business. I am here at wealthy affiliate because I want more time and freedom in my life along with the ability to earn more money. I think this will be a very exciting and fruitful opportunity in my life, due to the fact that I can promote and advertise any product I am passionate about and make money from it.
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Kyle Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
digitalwisdo Premium
Welcome to WA Premium, you have taken this step at the exact right time in your journey. Take advantage of it and enjoy.
Philipp-Rina Premium
Hello, welcome to WA and also congratulations on becoming a premium member. If we can be of any help, please let us know. We wish you best of luck! Regards

P.S. Just a couple of weeks ago we wrote a new blog on how we got ranked in the top 600 just one and a half month after we joined WA. So you see, with a little bit of work and dedication, you will get there
mhmcoaching Premium
hello and welcome aboard!
wjm2911 Premium
Hi and Welcome to WA
Emeolu Premium
Welcome aboard. Start taking the certification courses. If you don't understand any of the materials, please don't hesitate to ask questions. We are a community that are eager and keen to help out each other. You made the right decision upgrading to premium in order to take advantage of the benefits of the program. Wish you best of luck.
thedogman Premium
Hello Jawwad777 my name is Robert. I would like to welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate and want to wish you the best of luck here.