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Hello friends!As some of you know, I am not able to keep paying my primium membership. So, I may need to move my website to another host program. Since, I have a couple of days to make this happen, I want to make my last post in my website: and I want it to be GREAT!I will love some help for this! I normally post low calories and healthy smoothies, but all of us need some sugar and a "free" day in our diet to enjoy a good smoothie wih chocolate and everything we want on it!
Hi Friends! I have this question which is driving me crazy. What is going to happen to my website if the theme that I am using is a premium one... ?as you know I canceled my premium membership days ago, which is going to expire by August 1st. But since I am using a premium theme, I have no idea what would happen with my website.... Can someone tell me D:?Thank you !
So, as a lot of you know, I am from Chile but studying here in the USA. One of the most difficult things for me was to get use to the "american" breakfast. In chile we normally eat bread with butter or/and avocado, yogurt/milk with cereal, eggs, jam, and cheese, with a cup of fruit juice, hot tea, or coffee. However, here people eat waffles, scrambled eggs, omelettes, pancakes, milk with ceral, cold tea, juice. I think it is really different than a Chilean breakfast but better or as same as goo
I have been having a terrible time related to money. Actually my parents were the ones paying the bill here at WA. They told me today that they cannot aford that money now because we need to save money for more important things. I am will be back when I can aford it by myslef. Thank you all!
I have been trying to make a list with all the things that I may need to achieve my goals. For example: PatiencemotivationpassionlovetimeWhat am I missing?What would you add to this list?
OMG! I did not have wifi connection in my computer for 1 day and my I got 94 emails from WA, comments, posts, likes, followers, etc. I am really happy to see that even when you are not connected you still get the necessary information from WA. I also feel like I am getting addicted to WA hahaha, I was daying at home trying to get connected and see what was going on here. Does that happen to you too?I hopw you all are having a great week!
Hi friends, As most of you know, my website ( is about smoothies. I have a couple of ideas for my next posts, however, I feel like I am running out of new ideas! Please tell me that I am not the only one? D: I will love you to give me some help/advice and comment about:What do you think when you hear the word smoothie?Thank you all :D Have a great end of the week and a better start for next week!
July 15, 2017
So I made my perfil in a website called Which you can find jobs as baby sitting or pet sitting. I "girl" contacted me and told me that she was moving to my home town and she needed a pet sitter. She wanted to pay me $20 per hour because the job was also going out to run with the dog called "cookie" and everything. We set up a meeting on sunday (tomorrow) She told me that she really needed me so she send me a check with all the money because she wanted to be sure that I was taking the
July 14, 2017
Since I started to build my website and all the process here at Wealthy Affiliate, I have not give attention to my friends, or to going out with them, because I have been literally spending all my time (beside tennis practice time, which is around 3 hours a day) following step by step what the lessons and the bootcamp tell me to do. Today, my friends invited me to the cinema to watch Spiderman and I think it is time to give myself more space to enjoy my friends' company and the movie, don't yo
So! you know when you create your account in google adsense and you copy and paste the code that they give you in your wesbsite, it says "It will normally take 1 day for us to approve you" Well...... mine took around 2 weeks! However, today I finally got the email that google adsense approved me!!! I am so happy to see this email, this is making my morning so much better! :D