Static Page or Blog Roll.Can it be both?

Last Update: January 01, 2016

Is there a way for me to have a static page for like my home page, but have another page that when you click on it, it shows my blog roll?

I have seen this on other websites and didn't know if there is a way I set this up within Wordpress or do I need a specific theme, and if so, which one, or do I need a certain plugin to make this happen.

Thx for any help or ideas! :-)

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look at these images.
dickw Premium
Thanks Peej.
PjGermain Premium
Hi Jason,


Then, select the page for the Home page
Create a new page and call it what you like
Then, return to the Reading option above and set that as your blogroll
jasoncancino Premium
Peej thx a ton. I will give that a try and report back to you! ;-)
jasoncancino Premium
Ok Peej, so I did what you said but my "blog" page just shows my static page too...I'm curious. Will it only show future posts on this blog page or will all my old posts just automatically move there? Thx again! ;-)
mijareze Premium
I have seen this too but do not know if it is a function of the theme or something you can do with any theme?