If I Could Go Back 4 Years Ago and Warn Myself

Last Update: December 17, 2018

To recap my last post, if I could go back and warn myself 4 years ago, it would be NOT to try any other system, gagdet, internet marketing tool, pluging, website theme, etc. except Wealthy Affiliate. To stick to Wealthy Affiliate no matter what.

If you are asking why I would go back and warn myself, to NOT go looking elsewhere, then here is the reason.

My first website that I ever made, took me about 9 months, to get ranked to the first page of Google.

Now you might say that's a long time Jason, yes, but it was my first one, and at one point it was ranked, for certain key words, at the top 3 on the first page of Google. Now in my opinion, that is a pretty good accomplishment...well, at least I was proud of myself. lol

You see, I was starting to get some traction. I was starting to average somewhere between 30-70 visitors a day on my website. If you take 50 as an avergage number of visitors per day, that is 1,500 per month. I thought I was doing pretty good...

After going through the Google Anyalytics, I noticed many of these visitors were only staying on my website an average of 10 seconds per visit. So I thought to myself, I am "losing" a lot of potential business. So let me start to learn about building capture pages and autroresponders and email marketing.

Now in that time, I also made another website. This one focused on certain kid's toys, since I have two boys myself, I thought this would be great idea. But this time I had already went through the Affiliate Bootcamp, so I had a head start.

It only took me 3 months to get several pages of my second website, ranked to the top 3 on the first page of Google...Now here is what I want you to get in today's post.

Here is where I went wrong, and what I would love to go back and warn myself, of what NOT TO DO.

I strayed from learning and DOING all the activities that helped me to get ranked in the first page of Google, in the first place!!! Ahhhh, I was so silly.

My first website took me 9 months to get ranked top 3, on the first page of Google, and I haven't touched it in almost 3 years. My second website, I spent about 4 months on it, and haven't touched it since, yet those two sites, albeit, a small amount of money, keep making me $25-$50/mo!!!

What if I would have kept with it, and not gotten sidetrack...what if you would do the same. I am very confident, that on a low end, I would be making 2-3k/mo in passive, afflliate commisions, and that's not including if I had an email list...pure affiliate commissions.

I am not saying that someone shouldn't eventually learn how to make capture pages and how to do email marketing, but I wish I would have WARNED myself to keep LEARNING and DOING the very thing that got me to the top 3, first page of Google, in the first place!!!

There is a time and place for all those other strategies, and I will talk about those and when to implement them down the road, but for now, if you are somewhere where I was, please, don't jump around, stay the course, keep doing what Wealthy Affiliate teaches...it works, and if you keep doing it, you will WIN!!! :-)

Keep Fighting the Fight,

Jason Cancino

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bestofluck Premium
I would have done the same thing if I had the time machine to travel. Building an online business isn't easy. It takes me 4 years to figure out how to run a website.

If I received the right training and knowledge 4 years ago, I would make a lot of money. I finally understand how the online business system work. I think it's better late than never. Live and learn, I guess.

Thanks for sharing

jasoncancino Premium
I hear you...and my hope is that others will read this and it will help them avoid some of the same mistakes that I made, so that they don't have to go back in a time machine! :-)