Amazon Image Plugin?

Last Update: January 16, 2016

Does anyone know of a plugin that can allow me to produce images like amazon?

For example, if you got to an Amazon product you see one large image and several smaller images to the left of it, but if you were to scroll on the smaller images, then the image you scroll over now becomes the larger image.

I hope that made sense. I couldn't attach my screenshot bc it was too big, so please let me know if it didn't. Does any one know of a pluging to do that or some type of coding?

Thx for any help! :-)

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DoubleTap Premium
Jason, I'm kinda wondering if that type of plugin might slow your site down... don't know, but just wonderin'?
jasoncancino Premium
I just found a plugin called Image Slider Lite. It's not exactly but I think it will work and it's free! I will let you know if I see a difference in loading times! ;-)
Sheila50 Premium
I am sorry I do not know of anything, but if there is something one of the community members will be able to help!
Good luck!