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May 26, 2014
All gave a some, a few gave a lot and some gave all. Memorial Day is about the ones that gave all. It is a reminder that freedom is not free. However, when we are asked to give a little we seem to forget about the ones that gave all. And I am not speaking on a monetary level. I am talking about when there is a slight inconvenience of your time. For example, when we have to go through all the checks at the airport and we get an attitude with the staff for doing their job. How quickly we forget t
May 15, 2014
If you want to attain success in anything you must have a clear written plan that you follow and work on each day (Goals). Then you must study thoroughly and apply yourself to developing the skill and knowledge to master your craft and excel in your field (Training i.e,boot camp). You should also associate with the right people, manage yourself and your time to help increase your probability of success (WA Community). We have all the tools here to help you get to where you need to go, but it's
May 07, 2014
Good morning WA family, today I would like to discuss INITIATIVE. The word dictionary defines initiative as - the first step or action of a matter; commencing move: he took the initiative ; a peace initiative. To succeed in business we have to take initiative and take action, do something different from what you are use to doing. Start an exercise regiment, cut back on sweets or TV. You know what you need to do. Just DO IT. The time is now, the first day of the rest of your life. Here is a guid
May 06, 2014
IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN, YOU CAN!! Just recently I came across a commencement speech given to the Harvard University class of 2013 given by Oprah Winfrey. One of the things she shared with them was that "there is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction. Now when you’re down there in the hole, it looks like failure. So this past year I had to spoon feed those words to myself. And when you’re down in the hole, when that moment comes, it’s re
May 05, 2014
Commitment starts in the heart, some people want everything to be perfect before they're willing to commit themselves to anything. But commitment always precedes achievement. I read somewhere that in the Kentucky Derby, the winning horse effectively runs out of oxygen after the first half mile, and he goes the rest of the way on heart. The heart is what separates the good from the great. If you want to make a difference in other peoples lives as a leader, look into your heart and see if your ar
May 03, 2014
Time is a Master Worker that heals the wounds of temporary defeat and equalizes the inequalities and rights the wrongs of the world. There is nothing "IMPOSSIBLE" with time! State your claim to success start your day off with this success creed or one like this. I believe in myself. I believe in those who work with me. I believe in my employer. I believe in my friends. I believe in my family. I believe that God will lend me everything I need with which to succeed if I do my best to earn it thro