changing directions

Last Update: June 04, 2019

Well finally got here. What a journey. I wouldn't change it for the world. I started out with gardening and my dogs because I believe it had been along winter and I lost both of my springers. They were both close to 20 years old, and thought they were brother and sister. The joy of spring and the grief of loss mixed a feeling of internal close out. New term. Didnt want to talk to nobody about no nothin. Great time to start a blog, right? And it showed the first few weeks. I took a course in proofreading and copyediting and completed it in days not months. I threw myself into ot heart and soul. Got awesome score. It is a great career if you are an introvert. Then after well meaning friends asked me why I was blogging, too old. I asked myself why am I blogging. Too boring a person to write about stuff. Then I realized its the selling I like to do. I love fashion and beauty and I have marketed all my life. Yes, I was old....but I had a lot left to do. Experience life from an old peoples view. Like my colorful irish grandfather used to do. My Papa Ed would sit out under a big oak tree in a metal lawn chair smoking a pipe during a lightning storm and let us know {safely huddling in the home stairwell with grandma sprinkling holy water over our heads} how bad the storm was and where it was headed next, and why. It is in the blood. This is going to be fun!!!! Thanks for giving me 20 years with you Brady and Katie. RIP

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Babou3 Premium
Age really has nothing to do with blogging. Don't listen to people who are too closed-minded and keep going. Negativity is a brake, so go ahead and listen to all the encouragement you can hear here.

Have a wonderful journey!
Janci Premium
Thank you Babou3 for the encouragement. Best of luck to you.
DesireeA Premium
Sorry for your loss. But changing directions, I understand for sure.

My niche has taken on a new direction and that's challenging but it's going to be fun.

Your Papa Ed was quite the character. Although I don't smoke a pipe, I do like to get outside when there's a storm, or in the case of living in Kansas, a tornado. (I want to see where it's coming from)

Much success to you and this has nothing to do with age. :)
Janci Premium
thanks so much for the encouragement. Much success to you as well Desiree