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Failing Forward to Your Success.Must we get everything right First Time? Can Failing along the way stop you from completing the task?Should we avoid Failure at all cost?Hopefully you have answered NO to all the above. Yes you should always try to get each task right when you set out, butinevitably you will never get everything correct on your firstattempt. It is an impossibility. You will fail along the way and although this may be an inconvenience and will cost you additionaltime, it should NO
I would definitely recommmend everyone seeing this Webinar recorded for WA members by Jay Neill.Jay, not only gives you the 7 steps he always uses to get ranked in Google quicker but also shows live him doing it. He was ranked on the first page of Google in 12 minutes. Great to watch and very interesting. If you missed it make show you have a look.Go here: everyone -Age-
A couple of months ago I made a commitment to make a contribution on Wealthy Affiliate every morning before going off to work at my J.O.B. I can usually get in 45 minutes to an hour, which gives me time to reply to other members comments and messages they may have left. I can also make alterations to my site, edit my posts or welcome new members to W.A.I enjoy the sense of achievement each morning by keeping to this commitment, and it definitely helps with focus. Having that hour or so at the b
September 16, 2016
My wonderful little 7 year old son Matt was up this morning at 5.20 am. I woke up just after on hearing our two cats knocking our bedroom door. We always told Matt whenever he was first down stairs (used to be 7.00 am) to let the cats out of the kitchen where they sleep. He remembered and let them out, but Matt not at 5.20 am Matt, Doh!!!I came down to the living room and there he was 'my lovey little man' snuggled up on the sofa watching his cartoons, he greeted me with "morning Dad, I couldn'
This is the follow-up to my Excited ,Apprehensive, Excited blog. Yesterday we drove back from Gloucester after watching 'Chloe's Boys' cross the finishing line with her, on Saturday at midday. It was fantastic. We drove up from Cornwall early on Saturday morning and arrived at Chloe's school at about 9.00 am after a 4 hour drive. Not long afterwards Chloe and her family arrived to set up the reception party for Chloe's Boys.The Mums were on the iphones and ipads eagerly checking thei
Loving working on my pages at Wealthy Affiliate and immensely enjoying engaging with this fantastic community. It seems like I've been working hard for quite a few days straight over the last couple of weeks, but feel I've not been moving forward quite fast enough, well not as fast as I would like.Plus, I have been wanting to write my first blog but just haven't managed to fit it in yet.I really wanted to write something inspirational but just felt tired after immersing myself in the training