Finally have published my first keyword rich content!

Last Update: August 13, 2019

Just a short post to encourage myself!

Today I finally published my first keyword rich content!

It’s not so easy especially with a newborn baby at home, I also didn’t know what I’m going to write to start with, but that’s the thing, when you keep working on something, it will happen!

We all have 24 hours so the thing that really matter is how you manage your time, more precisely, it’s self-management! Since my little baby wouldn’t let me put her down for a sec, I need to hold her most of the time, while she sleeps I can quickly do some house work, take the training and working on my website. I actually finished most of my first content with dictation from my iPad and at the same time with my baby on me.

One thing that I’m really glad is I picked the niche that I’m very passionate about in the end, that just makes my work so much more fun and wish to dig more and write more!

So believe in yourself and keep working. As long as you have progressing everyday then you are closer to your goal!

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Carson2 Premium
This is great news for you!
JamieNix Premium
Thank you Carson!
rose442 Premium
Congratulations on your new accomplishment.
Being a new mom is and of itself is a great endeavour let alone building a website, so kudos to you.
JamieNix Premium
Thank you a lot :PPP