Using flippa to find keywords and demographics

Last Update: January 01, 2012

Hey im sure a lot of you guys know about keywords but just a tip for maybe people who are new and need some help with keyword research and ideas like me. You can use a site called flippa where you can buy and sell websites, but you wont be doing any of that. Go to and click "buy website" . Now in the top right corner you will see a search window. Do a search for your niche and a list of sites will come up that are for sale. What you want to do is click on the listing that you think is related to your niche site. when the listing loads, scroll down to and watch the right side of the screen. What you are looking for is Verified Google Analytics PDF. Click the pdf link and a page will load that shows you all the analytics for their site. This will give you some ideas on the [b][u]demographics[/u][/b] for the site and maybe your niche?. Also look for the [b][u]keywords list[/u][/b] that they use and this will give you an idea of some keyword ideas and phrases you might want to work with if you are stuck. Also a quick tip. When doing a search you can also do an advance search and can select things like number of hits on the site, min page rank on google, ect. this will help you find the top sites in your niche (which might be good if you are looking at first page competition for your niche or keywords,). thanks. Any questions feel free to ask! hope this helps some people. good for research.

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