Another Step In Building My Business

Last Update: November 20, 2017

I am doing both Boot-Camp and the Certification Course concurrently. It's interesting as there's some overlap between the two. I am learning a lot in a short time. My site is starting to build now with more content added each day. I work to post at least one if not two posts daily, and It's fast becoming a habit. And so, it goes for me I make some progress in building a business.

Is it easy? Hell no, sometimes it's quite difficult!

I find typing a challenge, writng good content is difficult but not as difficult as it was 2 months ago. Not seeing immediate reward for efforts is also a bitch at times and when it gets like that I have to realise I am in the process of building something.

If I have learnt anything over the last 30yrs being in business, it's self discipline.

Ultimately there's nothing left to do except push through. In fact I savour the moments when all looks almost impossible, time and circumstances look to be against you.

Those moments are delicious actually because experience has taught me this; just the otherside of them there's, success. It's like the Universe just complies when you push through, then you win. Give in and you will never know.

There's alway an effort to getting something moving, once it's rolling less effort is needed. And then it tends to have a momentum all of it's own. Set the direct and give it a shove.

Today is bright.

Cheers James

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amwoodard29 Premium
BShafferman Premium
. "Give in and you will never know." love this.... I have thought about that a few times when i first started. I'm so glad I didn't throw in the towel. WA is a wonderful place to learn.
Keep up the good work
imthedamo Premium
I'm right where you are James. I too am not only posting but creating videos and sharing WA blog post fervently, as you know they are used as affiliate links which is the most fricking ingenious thing anyone has ever created. Keep it up man I'm with ya, maybe see you in Vegas next year.