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July 08, 2020
Just got my 6 months dedication badge Thanks to WA and to the WA community for the support and training and I'm glad to tell you I've learned a lot and have gained a lot of friends in the process.As far as website development is concerned, I'm still weak in that aspect and my website needs a lot of work but business-wise, I have been making some progress. Thanks to the more-experienced members for sharing their knowledge and strategies. Though my websites are not making money yet, I have been
February 21, 2020
Gradually making progress. It's still far from being a functioning website but as they say here, this is not a get rich program. It's more like a marathon. It could take months or even years but it definitely works as proven by many successful people here. So I've got to keep moving towards my goals. Thanks for the encouragement of the WA community!
February 01, 2020
I've just started working on my first website and it's still empty. I really haven't done much but I'm very thankful and glad that I found WA. My only regret was that I haven't found it earlier years before. I've been trying to get into internet marketing a few years before, promoting other people's websites. Having seen the WA platform, I found out that it is very different and it's like learning everything from scratch all over again. It could be challenging, but with the great training progr