Remove rel noopener noreferrer in wordpress 4.7.4

Last Update: May 20, 2017

Any one having this problem, My wordpress was updated automatically after receiving an email from them and after that as and when I put an affiliate link it will auto include this in the link too!

Did a search on google and many of them also facing the same problem.

Does it means I have to go and check all links and remove it ? What happen if someone click on my affiliate link and I won't get paid (noreferrer).

Opps! I just found out,even after you delete it, it will appear again :(

Should I do anything about it ?

My wordpress version is 4.7.5

Wordpress support give a very doubtful answer to the above question. especially those with Amazon links- read the last answer by support.(he just close off the tread)

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jtaienao Premium
Hi Jacqueline. I just checked my links and they all seem okay. I hope you have found a solution with your issue.
Jaclow Premium
Hi Jerome, the links are ok. Mine too but not sure will be having any tracking issue from the affiliate company especially Amazon because of their terms and condition(see the url link last 2 message- wordpress support).Will see how it goes.
There's no way to remove it, I have tried. And according to wordpress its a security thing. So have to just leave it.
jtaienao Premium
I see, thanks Jacqueline.
ericpierre Premium
It seams I don't have this problem. Still, I bookmarked your post! Thanks for sharing with us!
MKearns Premium
Interesting. thank you!
Allie1 Premium
I just tried several of my Amazon links. They seem to be working fine.
reanna1 Premium
Bookmarked! Thanks for sharing!