Natural Backlinks.? Tell me Another One!

Last Update: January 03, 2017


Natural Backlinks… Are you having a laugh? :) I’m laughing :) Not sure about you!

We know it; from neophytes like myself to SEO experts and web gurus alike, we know the rehashed teaching: you need natural backlinks to keep in Goggle’s good graces and to obtain quality organic backlinks, your best bet are Link-baits i.e., exciting, original and useful content in the hope that someone would be kind enough to link back to us... a likely story! No chance of getting natural backlinks!

Sought-after Like Blue Diamonds:

We strive to differentiate our content; we make it interesting, engaging, recognizable; we take a personal and non-neutral writing style, a controversial polemic POV... rarity, exclusivity... we try every trick in the book, and the odds of our websites ever getting these sought-after links are slim to none.

We don’t write articles, we design them carefully, with a Swiss watchmaker’s attention. We choose our keywords (long-tailed, medium-tailed, tailless :), we optimize our images, check on-page SEO and what not…

Yet, search engines seem to be deaf to what we’re saying, relegating our website to page 5, where no one ever dares to go! Optimized articles may lead to a little boost, but still far from the organic traffic avalanche.

Backlinks are to Google Bots What Fresh Meat to Zombies!

Search engines give great(-est) weight to the number and quality of backlinks to tell which is which and downgrade mediocre content. Unfortunately, search engines ranking system is far from being "optimized"; it’s, for lack of better word, biased. It was easy for authoritative websites to establish web notoriety which then stuck to page 1. With Google Panda, Penguin and God knows what other fauna updates are ahead, it is now tough to compete with said websites. Backlinks make bots CRAWL (pun intended!) your website like zombies!

Some studies say that backlinks are, and will remain for a long time, the most important ranking factor, others predict them to decline in importance (Searchmetrics). Until then, we’ll keep motivated, and keep our websites and content optimized.

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BeauAndNik Premium
Backlinks will always be relevant and are a huge part of SEO. The algo now looks at the proximity of the link. The further away you are from the source, the least power the link has.
iZED Premium
I'm afraid I don't get this proximity thing!
BeauAndNik Premium
The greater the distance between your money site and the authority site that is linked to you, the less effective the link is.

Also one needs to consider topical relevancy. A site about dog fighting has no relevance linking to a yoga site and will have very little effect, potentially negative.
iZED Premium
Makes sense, thank you.