Finding Inspiration to Write

Last Update: October 30, 2013

There are times that frustration eat you up. It's seems to be a dead end. Before this kind of unwanted emotion take over my goals I have to regain my self.

I step away for a while from my laptop, and go somewher else, it's a long ride. I took a 45 minutes joyride.

I do my best to see and appreciate all the things around. The colors, the structure, the people and my self. I think this is all I need.

A Break.

Everyone and every journey in our life we needed a break. To think and freshenn up. Sometimes we see how wonderful and beautiful they are when they are not within our sight.

My inspirations are just here.Surrounding me, waiting for me to acknowledge them. But I was so stubborn to look around. I was blind with selfishness, forgetting some of my needs.

We are always guided by our own instinct, stop when we needed to stop, carry on when it is the right track to go and take time when we needed for while.

On my way home, I feel better. One guy stop me for a while for some short interview. He gave me a token as a reward. Then all of a sudden I have an idea what to write next, ideas comes after another. I have short memory so I took my phone and listed those ideas.

GREAT!!!! How great God is!!!!!!

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sandiego34 Premium
Thanks for following and this very inspirational piece of writing. Good luck ahead :)
betcha Premium
There are times when words won't come easy especially when we've been on our computer for so long. I think I need that break for now. Having dinner with my fambam at the Riverwalk to celebrate God's goodness! Thanks for the reminder, Jane. That flower is so beautiful ~an inspiration in itself.
ivanjane Premium
Your welcome ate betcha , take care and god bless
tommydillard Premium
God Bless you and your thinking.
ivanjane Premium
God bless you too tommy
midasmaker Premium
That's a great article. In some ways it echoes my recent blog. I think that lots of people who are blogging come up against these problems. Thanks for adding this.
ivanjane Premium
Your welcome and God bless you
Shmizer Premium
Thank you for sharing this!

Struggling with inspiration may be one of my greatest obstacles.

These are some good tips, I'll be sure to use them, thanks!

ivanjane Premium
Your welcome, I only realized this when I think of giving up, But He find me ways to stay strong. Look around, while walking or sitting in a park just give a minute to observe what others are up to. Thank you.