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Having recently read a post on Press Releases by Robert-A, I utilized several of Roberts insights to create and submit my first press release.(Thanks again Robert!)Roberts Post: reviewing the suggested PR sites, I settled on to submit my Press Release.Here it is:Personal Touch Products, Inc. Introduces 'Pets on Art' Pet Tribute Software New Product Enables Retailers, Pet Stores, Veterinarians to Create Personalized Pet Gifts,
I came across an article on "fake testimonials", spotlighted by this morning. It's an interesting and important read. Quoting from the news article:"False or misleading advertising is prohibited by the Competition Act. Any business, website, or person who makes, buys, or sells fake testimonials could be liable — both the actor providing the testimonial and the company that hires them.As an actor, Sanpan may not know ho
December 29, 2016
I received an email from one of our WA mentors this morning asking how I was doing. (with regard to my progress here.) As I shared with him,.. As I assess, I am aware of a number of hindrances that I need to overcome to be effective with achieving my objectives here at WA. 1. Stop the overwhelming number of emails from WA. Way too much time managing the overflow of info and emails. (I'm wowed by those of you managing communication with thousands in your network.)2. I'm picky... I'm having a tou
OK, I feel somewhat like I just gave birth... not nearly as difficult as passing a kidney stone, but I wrestled for hours trying to find an acceptable theme. In the end, I just selected one so I could complete that step. Nothing worthy of sharing at this point. It needs some major cleaning up before it's presentiable... a milestone nonetheless. : )
Just responding to Kyle's call to action to "Create a Blog Post Now!" I guess you could call this my blog ice breaker... Sorry that this is not likely to add value to the community, though without reservation I share my belief that WA is providing something of great value here. The education, the community, the growth opportunity, and the potential rewards add up to incalculable value. Looking forward to the journey and giving back as I am able.All the best to each of you!John