The porcupines

Last Update: February 12, 2016

It was a cold winter day; porcupines were huddling together for warmth. But very soon, they felt the pricking pain of their quills and moved aside. When they felt the cold winter’s bite again, their instinct urged them to move closer to each other again…But they immediately felt the pricking pain again!
They repeated the whole thing several times before finding at last the right distance.

Fable told by the German philosopher Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

Things to consider:

In life, in society, among brother and sister and even in couples, distance is necessary. We call it politeness or courtesy. Human beings need others and at the same time seek independence … Will you accept that the woman or the man you live with has a secret garden of his own?

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MatteoMeli Premium
Interesting read Loanni, Very wise words. :)