Last Update: February 20, 2016

Hello awesome community,

Today after finally reaching lesson 10 of the second module, I have come to the point where I need to see what I've accomplished so far.

Well, to be totally honest, not much! Is it because I have family obligations or maybe my internal saboteur is making me procrastinate. No, all these are excuses for not committing 100% to my online success.

God knows, how much I long to see that blessed day when I'll finally say to myself that all this work and time has finally paid off! So what is keeping me behind? The more I search and the more I come to the bitter conclusion that my mindset has been poisoned by false paradigms and wicked beliefs inherited in my childhood years. Being an hypnotherapist, I know from fact that to erase bad habits, one not only needs tremendous conscious efforts but also paradigms shifts.

Seems like online success is like a space shuttle lift: 90% of the energy needed is just for take off, once the space shuttle has left earth gravity, all the rest is pretty much on autopilot. To me, online success is the same, there are so many things to consider and to do in order to have an optimized site that the energy needed to achieve all that is gigantic, sometimes way above my strength.

Human mind is fascinating and complex because sometimes I feel like quitting (maybe because I had a rough day) and sometimes I feel like climbing a mountain and reaching for the stars but at the end of the day, results speak from themselves!

I have yet NO RESULTS! Nada, zero, zip, zilch!

I admire people who get the ball rolling so fast that they get to see results whereas I am still creating content for my website! It has to do with mindset. Mine has probably a bug that needs to be address and fixed!

Pareto law states that: most of the results in any situation are determined by a small number of causes. By the numbers it means that 80 percent of your outcomes come from 20 percent of your inputs.

Well, guess what, even 99% of my efforts haven't returned even 1% of income (yet) !

To make a long story short, if someone has a way or a method to bring any kind of success or result, I would be more than grateful to learn from him.I know that you'll all answer to follow the lessons but 95% of online entrepreneurs fail, even with the best advises or courses, period. Something else is missing in the online equation.

What if I was among the 95%? I don't want to, I'd rather throw myself from a cliff than accept mediocrity. But sometimes, this burden is soooo heavy, the burden to be proud of oneself, the pressure to get out of the rat race.

To end this lamenting post, I will quote Billy Joel :

" Honesty is hardly ever heard And mostly what I need from you "

Long live Wealthy Affiliate...

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Mindful Premium
This was about 2 months ago. How are you doing now? I had an interest in hypnotherapy as well. Read some books and saw some videos on the subject including Kappasinian and Ericksonian hypnosis as well as NLP.

The human mind indeed is fascinating. I am reminded of the inscription on the stone monument at The Oracle of Delphi: "Know Thyself"

I hope you do achieve your goals.
Ioanni Premium
Hi, thanks for your interest and concern. Currently I'm on several projects and don't seem to advance in any of them. Guess I have to be patient and work through my internal saboteur using hypnosis.

What about you? Are you moving fast towards your financial goals?

I wish you truly all the best in your endeavors.
Mindful Premium
Well I am just starting out, this is day 2 and I'm just making my way through the training and trying to decide on a niche. Did you also at one time sell real estate?

Thank you, all the best to you as well!
Ioanni Premium
Hi again,
No I never sold real estate but you can check my article on the four top niches and you will surely have a winner in the long run. I will build several websites (one for each top selling niche) as I gain momentum and knock out my inner saboteur!Lol

If I can assist you in any way I can, don't hesitate to ask even though I'm no expert but I have some knowledge in few things!

Sheers and regards
felixwebman Premium
You obviously have excellent writing skills! I think we all take a different course to land at our individual and various points of success. Don't be too hard on yourself. Completing the lesson work in and of itself is an outstanding achievement.
Ioanni Premium
Thank you for these wise words, you surely are right. Maybe it's my spartan roots playing tricks on me! I'm from Greece (living in Belgium)