All the days of life are not same

Last Update: February 07, 2016

All the days of life are not same. There are occasions when you may get lost. You may become totally clueless as to where to move and in which direction. In spite of using your best rationality, you may not find the path.

It happens with many of us at WA. Being overwhelmed by the enormity of learning materials, it sometimes seems to be unmanageable. We get lost in the labyrinth of knowledge. We question ourselves, what to start, what to ignore and where to start. We fail to understand that the speed of our process of understanding a new subject is less than the speed of our enthusiasm to learn and achieve something.

These are the times when you have to prove yourself. A normal person will get irritated, frustrated, depressed. He may start cursing himself or others. If you want success these are the times when you have to keep patience to wait for the things to happen. These are your testing times. Never leave the ground. Stick to your desired goal and if required meditate. These are the times when you have to surrender to the universe.

Howsoever qualified or intelligent you may be you are subjected to a system unknown to you. This system will ultimately determine your path and will show you the direction. You will get those directions provided you remain connected to it with faith and patience. If you are connected, the manifestation will take place sooner or later and you will find the path.

For anything and everything to happen in this world, there is a reason which may not necessarily be always within your knowledge. On your part, do your best. Dream for your desire, create a goal, and make a plan and then act upon massively. But never forget to derive strength from the universe to which you belong.

Let us create history. My best wishes for all.


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Great job!
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Well written.