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Last Update: November 04, 2014

Affiliate marketing is different from network marketing. You see, in my opinion online affiliate marketing can exist by itself but network marketing may not exist without affiliate marketing running in the background. Let me explain…with affiliate marketing, you partner with a company to sell their product or service for a commission. But in network marketing, you form a team and teach them about your strategy in doing successful affiliate marketing.

You teach your team on how to earn a commission doing what you do successfully in the affiliate business and in the process you earn a commission from your team efforts. In the olden days it’s called mlm (multi-level marketing) program but in the modern arena it’s called network marketing program. The only difference is that mlm thrives in recruiting friends and families and many times it will lead to annoyance and end up in alienating them while network marketing program thrives online, and does not need bothering friends and families.

The problem here is that many people still use the mlm techniques in their efforts to promote network marketing program and eventually will lead to inevitable failure. If done right, you may never need to pick up the phone to recruit your partners into your front end offer, then you prospect (up sell) them to the back end offers. This strategy is the most effective approach to affiliate and network marketing today. Put this marketing process in place and you’ll prosper in your online business. This is the magic of affiliate and network marketing.

Like I said earlier, you can do affiliate marketing on it’s own and make a lot of money without the network marketing association to it but you can make a killing when you combine both.

Let’s talk about it…

This magic has existed for time immemorial, except people lost sight of it in their pursuit to Get-Rich-Quick. The magic in online affiliate/network marketing business is in the power of building relationships with your prospects or leads. It does not matter how you generate your market leads. It can be free leads through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media like Facebook, Twitter or paid traffic like Soloads, PPC ads and many others. It does not matter, you just need to learn how each media operates or hire or outsource to someone with knowledge to help you for a fee. You can get outsource help from places like Fiverr, ODesk, Elance and many others like them.

The magic here is knowing how to service your leads to building relationship by sharing with them solution based, relevant and compelling articles that is very life enriching. This approach will allow you build their trust and see you as an expert on the subject. Once you gain their trust and confidence, only then you can recommend them to your affiliate product or service as the solution to their problem. This is called Presale. You presale customers through your articles or product reviews to condition them and get them ready in a buying mood for your product or service.

In your article text, text link (text-links only) some action words or phrases to your affiliate product or service sales copy. This method of linkage is considered soft selling and not pushy at all but it does get the job done. It makes customers feel like the decision to buy was theirs and no one else.

The “presale” technique with articles or reviews conditions and put them in the ready-to-buy state of mind, while the sales copy will justify the logic to buy the product.If you noticed, people buy stuff based on emotion and justify their reason to buy with logic. This is natural, it’s not scientific and it works all the time. If you can master this process of marketing, you have unveiled the Magic of online affiliate marketing business and your bank account will reflect it with tons of dough in it.

Now, where do you learn this powerful form of affiliate marketing method. My best recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

This is an All-In-One online marketing tool that does not require you to be a techie. It’s the best platform for newbies to the online world of money making. Not many people know of it and I wonder why, but when you get yourself familiar with it you will be amazed on what it can do for you and your marketing efforts. It’ll be a life changing experience for you and your family.

To succeed in this online money making craze, just have to focus your efforts in helping people solve their problems with very informative and compelling articles and reviews.This is what people want and if you can help them with the information they need you will be rewarded financially.

Please me a comment below and look out for more information from me because I will be sharing great information with you as time goes.

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kmer6 Premium
Very well written article. Precise and up to date. You make it sound so easy, but you are right in that a newbie just follow the lessons and soon they are an expert. Thank you for sharing your viewpoints and I look forward to reading more.