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Last Update: November 25, 2014

Just the other day, I was thinking that the days when bloggers would write blog posts just for the sake of blogging are gone…Today, people blog for profits.And those that are good at it, enjoy huge, regular profits. But what does it take to turn a simple blog website into an income generating machine?

Success in blog marketing starts with choosing a niche product that is in demand with the people. No one wants to be associated with products or services that are hard to sell because people are not interested in it. The first step, thus, is to choose a product that is popular, and in which you have interest and excellent knowledge. From there, engage your audience. Start by enlightening them about the product, its benefits, and any other information you may find relevant. It is important to write with authority. Once you have established a long term relationship with your readers through blogging, they will find it easy to trust you and recommending them your product will seem effortless.

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Although, I hear people say that content is king but for content to be a true king it has to be optimized (thru SEO), compelling, relevant and monetized (via text links). No selling only recommendations via text links embedded in the content.

The only way you can make your blog rank high in search engines is by posting (regularly) relevant posts that are keyword rich. Ensure, however, that you do not overstuff keywords. Any content that contains more than 5 percent keyword density is said to be overstuffed. This kind of content may work against you.

You may also need to comment regularly on other blogs in your niche. It is advisable to constantly do a technocrat search and find the most influential blogs on your niche(s). Once you find them, as you often will, read their posts. If you have an intelligent thought on what is being said on the blogs, feel free to comment. These comments create links back to your blog, and they should eventually direct more traffic your way.

Another effective way of boosting traffic to your blog is by submitting your site to blog directories. Submitting a site to any directory is mostly free.

You may also add an email subscription. Many sites have newsfeed burner but not every visitor understands how to use it. It is advisable, thus, to have what almost everyone understands: an email subscription. After this is in place, decide the kind of content to be sending to your audience. The content must be relevant and helpful. You must restrain yourself to the main theme of your blog.

Including a social bookmarking link will also lead to thousands more page views. Ensure that you get a post into popular social networking sites like Digg, and StumbleUpon among others.

As you’ve decided to aggressively engage in blog for profits, there are a number of things that you need to bear in mind. Most importantly, your blog and the product you wish to market must be related. If you are blogging about organic products, ensure that your blog is all about that. Secondly, post, on a regular basis, keyword-rich content as this is what will keep readers coming back. This will also increase your site’s visibility on search engines.

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