Progress: Due date of goals set!

Last Update: March 31, 2020

These goals were set on 16 February, and here is my progress:

My goals to meet by 31 March 2020:

1. 5000 Instagram followers

In progress: I'm short of about a 130, I'm at around 4.87k followers lol. It's mostly due to not posting for around 5 days in one of the weeks because I didn't manage to find time to shoot my pics. Need to create a schedule for that!

2. Get started on a YouTube channel and have at least 10 videos by then

In progress: I've created my YouTube channel (yay!), but only have 8 videos thus far.

3. Get my first referral

In progress: I've still yet to get my first referral. =(

4. Hit my goal of 2 post per week on my site

In progress: Working on my YouTube channel and setting up of my other website has taken up my time, and I did not manage to post twice a week consistently at my site. =(

5. At least 1 blog post per week here

In progress: I did not blog once a week lol. I think I'll blog as and when I have something to share as I'm using up a lot of my spare time to work on other stuff.

6. Start on another website which I've been planning of

Achieved: I created the website which I have been meaning to create! It only has 2 posts so far though. Comments on it is highly appreciated. Link at profile! (Or am I allowed to post it here? Sometimes people say they can't see my links at my profile)

Man, that's only 1 out of 6 achieved. There is plenty of progress though, especially for my YouTube channel. Do check it out and subscribe! If you subscribed to it, drop me a PM and I'll subscribe to yours too if you have one!

I realized I have a few things I want to work on in my limited free time. I really need to plan out a schedule to get more things done in an organized manner.

Will create a new set of goals soon.

Do check out my Instagram and YouTube channel under the same name: stillfigurineout

Keep at it everyone, and stay safe!

Idris =)

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Mick18 Premium
Those are great goals. Congrats on your efforts. I believe I will write my monthly goals down. I must admit I've been slacking lately.
Have a wonderful Wednesday,
Idris10 Premium
Yeah it really helps to have short term goals, helps to keep us on task. Have a good week ahead!
accad Premium
Great plan.
marcho88 Premium
Amazing results! Marc
Byrondb9 Premium
Great post congratulations on your effort it sounds like your really going for it and I commend you for that. I think It's super important you have goals but maybe try to restructure them have fewer short term goals and make things that you may struggle with long term goals and as you tackle and complete your short term goals you pull one of your long terms goal in one at a time and maybe try to complete the ones you have before adding more. So instead of having 6 goals, you have a list of 6 things you want to achieve but this week I will only do my youtube channel for example and next week I will only do my blog if you can handle two, try two but I would really recommend no more than 3 as I find it just becomes a wish list. Good luck and keep going
Idris10 Premium
Thanks! Yeah maybe I'm in over my head with 6 goals. I thought it's achievable within the time frame. There is progress for each of them though at the very least.

I'll think more thoroughly for my next set of goals!