4 months in WA, what did I learn?

Last Update: December 28, 2015

So here's a short re-cap at to what these past 4 months have taught me:

1. The training here at WA is amazing

I went from not knowing anything on how to build a site, to having a site which I am really proud of (you can check it here: http://findingacoach.com). It took me a week to build a site, a month to have something presentable, and two months until I could really be proud of it. That's lighting speed! The certification course is so easy and simple, that if you follow everything to the letter, it will be hard not to make a good site.

2. The more you put in, the more you'll get out

This age old rule keeps on being correct. The first two months I was totally invested in WA. The results I received were nothing less than incredible, in my point of view. The next two months forced me to divide my attention to other projects, which saw a decline in the results I received. This is clearly because my focus was divided to other areas as well, but it kept reminding me that you'll get the results you want, only if you focus on something.

3. The community is incredible

Not much to say here. You all know this. Help is granted in a matter of minutes, ideas are being exchanged freely and with passion, and it's just plain fun to speak with each other. Give yourself a hand, you (and I) deserve it.

What do you think? Am I right? Am I wrong? What else have you learned during your time here?

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WayneStewart Premium
I would definitely have to say, a better person, thanks to the Community that Kyle & Carson have worked so hard to create here.
GeoffGS Premium
I appreciate hearing about your experience here at WA. Thanks. Geoff