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Hi everyoneI recently saw that 3 of my top pages somehow completely lost traffic as opposed to December 16, which caused a major loss in traffic.I haven't done anything out of the ordinary (like installing AMP) and I'm not quite sure why did that happen.Since its quite a steep decline (one month they are on the first page on Google and the next they are gone) I'm thinking that the reason is that Google changed their ranking algorithm, all though It's just a wild assumption that is based on a po
December 19, 2016
If you have an affiliate site, most chances are you are using free stock images.You might be also using paid stock imagery, but some of your images are probably royalty free.How did you find these? Did you had to go through 2-5 different sites until you found the perfect picture? That is if you found it at all. That's sure what I used to be doing.That all changed when I found "The stocks" ( which is by far the best free stock image site I've encountered. Why is it so great
Hi Everyone,I just ran into a strange issue which I would love to have your opinion on.In the past two weeks, I've received two identical feedback statements on my site, from two different users. One 12 days ago, and another in the last 24 hours.You can see in the image attached that the feedback, for the same page is identical. All though I've removed the details of the users to keep their privacy, I can assure you that they are two different users. I find it really hard to believe that it&rsq
Marc Parsons have a great training which I decided to follow. He wrote a guide on how to quadrupole your Goggle traffic. That's X4 times more Google traffic!Since I've decided to focus on getting more traffic from Google, this looked like a perfect place to start. By the way, you can find the guide here: of the thigs marc suggests is setting some really crazy goals and committing them somewhere you can see them every day. As a life coach w
So here's a short re-cap at to what these past 4 months have taught me:1. The training here at WA is amazingI went from not knowing anything on how to build a site, to having a site which I am really proud of (you can check it here: It took me a week to build a site, a month to have something presentable, and two months until I could really be proud of it. That's lighting speed! The certification course is so easy and simple, that if you follow everything to the lette
So after a routine check of my analytics stats, it suddenly hit me, people are reading what I'm writing! And not only that, there are people who actually came to the site, read some posts, and decided to return after a while to read some more.This is scary!They don't warn you about it when you start...People are genuinely interested in what I'm writing to not only grant me there attention for a few minutes, but they also come back for more. When I started writing, I wrote to myself. Thinking ab
September 24, 2015
Wo hoo! Site trust just went up and is now 10%!This really makes me happy.All though I love seeing people come to my site (thank you dear WA'ers - most of these people are you), what I really want to achive is having a site with quality content that people would learn from and enjoy reading. To me its a top priority, and I rather loose some traffic, and have quality content.Yes, you heard me correctly. I rather have less people come and visit, and have my content considered as influential, enga
September 07, 2015
in the past 3 weeks i have went over the training here at WA, and I love it! I didnt earn anything on the first month, but thats perfectly fine. I didnt plan on earning any money so fast. I figured that i'l probably have fun building my site, and have some small achivments that i could enjoy, but the past 3 weeks have exceeded my expectations totally.I've managed to build a site that i'm proud of, in a niche that i like.i'm having fun learning and researching online regarding subjects in my nic
August 22, 2015
To be honest, the decision was very easy.After a few days interacting and following through the lessons, it was clear that premium is the next logical step.The mastermind group that WA has for online business is evident at first glance.Dont think i would ever look back from this point on.