“Ohhhh Noooooooooooooo” I am slipping in the Rankings!

Last Update: May 21, 2020

Being Mr. Bill

It is that times like these, that I feel a little like the SNL character Mr. Bill – as my ranking slowing drops from being close to the top 25 – to now in the top 100.

A Great Question

Recently a new member asked, why everyone was following them and replying to their comments? They thought that this was not normal for people who want to make money, because those who want to make money, “..do not have time for this stuff."

This is a very good question. In other programs that I have belong to over the years - you are a lone wolf – looking out for yourself. If you are on team – your goal was to get to the top and build your own team as fast as possible. If you ran into a member that needed more than slight encouragement – then don’t waste your time on them, find someone else who had the REAL BURNING DRIVE!!!! You know that carpe diem "seize the day” – “winner takes all” kind of thing.

While this can be a winning formula for a few – it is built upon the sweat, tears and money of countless others. Others who dreamed of success, but along the way became discouraged and fall along the side of the road.

What I Admire About WA

What I admire about WA, is that it is real community. In this community, there is more than one way to be successful. Whether it is ranking, creating training, commenting on posts, helping others, chatting online, or just taking training to build your business – its truly up to you to decide. A community of diverse people, with different desires. A community that accepts and encourages each other, no matter whatever that individual’s goals are. (Unless of course it is spamming – that’s a topic for another post – Why I hate spammers! Let me count the ways.)

What's Next

Right now for the moment, I am more active in my business, taking training, writing posts, finding, and applying for different affiliate programs. Am I content at being in the top 100 or even sliding into the top 200? Yes, I am. I know that there is still a strong community out there, a community of liked minded indidviduals that will not think any less of me. A community who is willingly to help, when I need it. A community that lets me know, that I that I am not alone in this journey.

(Oh, by the way Infolinks is an interesting affiliate platform. It can be a little crazy on where the ads are displayed – but still interesting. Again, another topic for another post.)

Wishing you a safe and prosperous weekend.

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Wdcope Premium
Great post, but being a Mr Bill in the 80's was not fun! People were mean to this nice guy. This is the reason as a professional I changed my business cards to William.
I got over it though and used it as an ice breaker when I was in direct sales. I think it helped me. Ha Ha!
Yes ranking goes up an down, and as yourself quite busy with websites and researching etc. Make more that way. :)
Take care,
Mr Bill
hsgoad Premium
You take care Mr. Bill....
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Unlike you, I just recently got into the top 200 for the first time. So I laughed out loud when I saw you were *only* in the top 100!
hsgoad Premium
So you know how much work it takes to get and stay there....Best of success to you.
Nellya Premium
You are absolutely right, Steve! Nellya
hsgoad Premium
daystarmm Premium
Excellent, Steve. Best wishes.

hsgoad Premium
Lee-Pat Premium
I’m sure you will get your rating back 👍
hsgoad Premium
Not trying at this point - just letting it settle to where it settles.