Why people give up so easily!

Last Update: August 31, 2017

I want to share a post this morning, at least here in Australia!

This post was about wanting to know how to opt-out of WA...

I so could identify with this dear man, as I did a similar opt-out some years ago from a very well know membership site similar to WA and also situated in beautiful Canada.

I honestly invested so much time , money and effort trying to make a success out of my chosen websites.

Unfortunately, I skipped too many training sessions, wanting to typically "open the gadget "and play with it before reading the technical instructions, and of course as my lovely wife for 52 years would say, as a Christian you need to read the " Instruction Manual" before or while practising Christianity!

How wise she is(:

Here at WA, I was attracted to the personal helping spirit in the community, nothing seems to difficult to search for, or hit the vibrant but always polite live chat, for a particular problem solver, which is very rare on general membership sites.

I have no doubt, that majority of members, especially free ones, hope to make a "killing" and make money in record time, chasing what we call "The Shining object syndrome," namely easy to make money programs, promising earning money while you sleep, auto cash machine assured ATM's and "get rich quick" schemes online, often peddled and offered by unscrupulous operators, calling themselves Internet Marketers or gurus, you'll see their trade everywhere.

So after years in the wilderness, I believe I have entered the promised land so to speak at Wealthy Affiliate, where there are many GIANTS still trying to get you, such as;

Doubt - Fear - Timidity - Uselessness - Impatience - Sceptic - Cost too much, and the best known... QUITTER.

But as in the bible, 10 spies were sent to spy on the promise land, the Wild-West-Web, 8 came back with negative messages, but 2, that's 20%, came back and told about the abundance of "huge Low Hanging Fruit" ready to be picked!

So my question to the dear man, wanting to opt-out this morning, and hopefully others, contemplating making a go as premium members,which camp are you in?

"Go the extra mile, it's less travelled" and commit yourself to success as a Wealthy Affiliate to be.(:

Cheers & blessings,



PS! Need some help or encouragement on the way? Just let's know!

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delroy2222 Premium
A great read, thank you Eric.
Best wishes.
Rcincotti Premium
A great read for my morning coffe. Thank you!
HosannaBiz Premium
I'm glad you enjoy life(:

Cheers & blessings