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March 18, 2018
So, here's a way to get WA email notifications as an RSS feed. There's a service called Kill the newsletter, it converts email newsletters to RSS feeds. https://www.kill-the-newsletter.comIt will give you an email address you use to subscribe to a newsletter with. Change your WA email to that address, and you have notifications coming into the feed. This actually works, I tried it myself.
Well, it's the rich text format just like the old one. I do see the places for adding images. Sometimes I have trouble with rich text with a screen reader, but it seems to work fine here. I always make sure I'm using the text/html editor with WP when I'm writing my blog posts there.
1 comment I think they inspired a blog post with the first one in that list. I was going to talk about SEO on my blog at some point, but now I think I'll do it in the next couple days. We should definitely stop ignoring other search engines! I personally don't ever use Google search, although I do use StartPage, which searches Google anonymously. I've also used Duck Duck Go in the past, which doesn't have anything to do with Google. The p
March 07, 2018
If you aren't familiar with IFTTT, it's a site where you can go to make things work together. For instance, you can have it tweet every time you post to your blog. No, you don't need a plugin for this. The applet uses your RSS feed, and posts to Twitter each time you update your blog. Here's the applet: No, this isn't mine, I didn't make it lol I always fail at making my own applets. It's one I found while searching for RSS to twit
March 03, 2018
I'm in the process of starting a whole bunch of blogs! I got 7 domains a couple weeks ago, and I'm still in the process of adding them all to my hosting account. Yeah, it's 5 blogs in 5 different niches. The other 2 domains were to make sure I had the .com or the .net for the 5 domains I registered. I'm actually looking at alternatives to WordPress, not that WordPress is bad, it's just not nice if you just want to throw words at the page. There are some pretty cool blogging platforms out there.
August 08, 2017
Google fired someone yesterday for simply expressing their opinion. You may want to read this first. Whatever you think of the memo and the person who wrote it, retaliation is not supposed to be a reason for firing someone. Not only that but apparently, he was making complaints to the Federal labor board about working conditions at Google, for people who believe the opposite the company believes. Not only that but there's ev
August 03, 2017
Lol, so did you guys miss me? I know I missed WA! I wanted to resubscribe so bad I went yearly hah. I decided I'd come back to learn from everyone who does so much great stuff here! I have several ideas for projects I want to start, (lol I'm an idea generator!) Not only that but I'm involved with MOBE. I don't have my links yet lol and I wouldn't do that to you guys anyway, but if someone wants a referral after I get up and running... hint hint! Anyway I'm glad to be back. I signed up with a ne
March 22, 2017
I had to turn off most of the WA emails, because they were flooding my inbox! I'll see it if you leave a comment on this post or my profile though, or someone new follows me. Lol, I have 3200 something emails in the inbox right now.
March 20, 2017
Lol yeah, I'm already making plans for this Summer! I'm not sure how many of you have heard of a charity event called "Blogathon." It's a blogging event that lets you blog for a charity. You pick a charity, and stay up for 24 hours, and blog every half-hour! This officially ended in 2010. I was going to revive it this year. However, one of the admins reached out on Twitter to say there were plans to do it this year. She left a message in the private group on FB and asked if there were definite
March 06, 2017
Just so everyone knows, I realized over the weekend that ThemeForest will charge you for each site you want to use one of their themes on. I currently have 4 sites, (2 are on WP and 2 will be migrating there soon,) so even though some of the themes were cheaper, it would be cost-prohibitive to pay say if I decided to start 3 more sites. I've decided to go with something on the genesis framework. I like both of these themes equally, so picking them will be interesting.