Last Update: April 30, 2018

So I haven't posted any updates in a while and some of you may be wondering where I'm holding. I am still working on my beauty and makeup site which I'm really enjoying but, I wish was doing a lot better than it is. My last post was that I made my first few sales. Since then I have continued to make sales most months, but its small change. Nothing that even adds up to anything.

I have all the best excuses for this, some months I barely posted. I'm highly pregnant now, due any day in fact, and for the first 4 months of the pregnancy I couldn't look at my computer screen without feeling sick. We also moved twice in the last 9 months which was very unsettling and time consuming too.

My best month to date was February when I tried posting 3 times a week and my site visits went much higher. However, 3 times a week was simply too much for me and I couldn't keep it up. The result was that my site visits dropped drastically.

Now my plan is to be ahead with the posting and to post twice a week, one on Monday and one on Thursday. So far I've managed to schedule a few posts in and I hope I will be able to keep it up.

I'm still waiting for my major breakthrough and trying not to lose hope at the same time!

Hollie x

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codevonish Premium
Join the crowd.you have a lot going on.Best Wishes.
hollierose Premium
Thanks! Good luck with your business
codevonish Premium
Thanks Irma derived us of a tourist season.just working and taking one day at time