How good you are-to yourself

Last Update: November 14, 2019

Hello everyone is my 1st self reflection article or post here writing about myself. How do your know yourself and how good your take care of your self. Do you love yourself. All this year i have ignore myself by neglecting myself. I don't know how to enjoy life.I have no idea that to love or take care of anybody you 1st need to love and care yourself.

  • Be good to take care of yourself especially -your health and well being
  • be good to spend quality time alone
  • doing something your love too.
  • be grateful to yourself
  • self affirmation about your goal and anchor
  • rejunavete yourself
  • clear your mind
  • be optimistic
  • be abundance
  • be self worth

If your can so good at your work or so good imp leasing people or helping people how come your are not good in taking good care of yourself.

Be in love in yourself.

Yourself will love your.

your will love everybody

And everybody will love your.

What are your waiting for??

Set A DATE WITH YOUSELF. Have enjoyable time with yourself.LOVE YOURSELF

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    Babou3 Premium
    Self-love, helps to spread goodness to others. So you're absolutely right, learn to apreciate ourselves, it will be beneficial for everyone.

    Mick18 Premium
    This is excellent advice that I need to follow. Thanks, Henry I appreciate it.
    CMKetay Premium
    Awesome post, Henry! Recognizing the need is a first step to making yourself a priority. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. The same way with putting your oxygen mask on first on a flight. You are worth the time and energy to love yourself. Give yourself a big hug.

    Sending hugs from San Antonio!

    HenryPing Premium
    Thanks ❤️😁👍👏✌️💪
    Wellbeing38 Premium
    Self care is so important and all this new learning or not learning as case maybe can take over very easily

    Love Peace and Best Wishes
    Stanleycmng Premium
    Great to hear your are doing some self reflection and great post. I am sure many will benefit. Self care is becoming an interesting niche.