This Ain't No Day At The Beach !

Last Update: May 06, 2018

I knew that working with a computer would be twice as hard for me than a lot of other people. I do not know how to send an e-mail or copy and paste. I know how to check my bank account and that is pretty much it.

I want to be so much further along by now. I think that it has been about three weeks, almost four. I am still in Course Two !!!!

I love hard work, outside hard work. Working with my hands out in the fresh air. I knew when I signed up for this program that it would be hard work, just a different kind of work and I have set my mind to it. I try not to look ahead.... I know that there is a rainbow ahead. Everyday I come here and spend as much time as I can learning.

It is No day at the beach. But one day it will be. Head down, stay on each lesson until you have mastered it. Oh, and just keep hitting keys until you figure out what they do. Ask questions, lots of questions.

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marmar463 Premium
Don't be so hard on yourself just take it at your own pace and take it one step at a time take a deep breath and breathe. You are doing fine just keep up the great job. If I can help you let me know and I will do my best to help you the best way possible.
HowardJaros Premium
Keep at it, Heather! It will get easier.
skendrick4 Premium
Hang in there. You will find the right keys for success.

ColleenLVSJC Premium
Hi Heather! I'm glad you found WA! The training will give you what you need and the people will help with any questions along the way. So go at your own pace and keep moving forward!!!

I've had my share of questions and challenges and have been amazed at how fast I've received help. I'm grateful that the members and experts here are so caring and helpful.

Like building a house or a business, it takes time to establish a good foundation, but that is critical to lasting success. WA helps us build that solid foundation.

I look forward to hearing about "your" WA accomplishments and wish you much success! :)
SMS1 Premium
Great attitude HeatherMilo1!! Just like when we were babies and had to learn to walk, it's all about little steps that will one day all add up to your success. Plus you have many people here in our WA community that can help you back up should you fall or stumble. Keep it up!!