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Last Update: August 26, 2016

So a few days ago. I logged into my WA account and clicked on my first website to go touch up a few things on there. Once i clicked the login button it would show a page can not be found. Or something like the server cannot be located. Anyway it would not let me Into my site. So I contacted the support team here at WA. Within a 3 hour time frame. They fixed it and let me know that a plugin and Wordpress theme I was using is what caused it.

That was a huge help for me. Cause I was so scared that all my hard work and efforts was just gone. 51 good quality post don't happen overnight. I just want to give a special thanks to the support team here at WA

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Nmarkovich Premium
oh wow! That sure is a Scare! I can understand that feeling, I would be freaking out too if I thought all my hard work and efforts simply "disappeared." I'm glad you got it sorted out tho and didn't lose anything.

Take Care,

HealthGuy33 Premium
JudeP Premium
I'm pleased you got it sorted :)
HealthGuy33 Premium
Thank you.
suzzziq Premium
Glad you didn't lose anything! Best wishes:)
HealthGuy33 Premium
Thanks and same to you.