Affiliate Marketing is a Tough area to Break Into!

Last Update: January 12, 2019

Let's face it, we all got interested in affiliate marketing as a good business opportunity! But once we started we realized that the competition in the field was tremendous and breaking into the field was nearly impossable, some of us quit, some of us struggled and some of us took it as a challenge.

Breakthroughs and inspriation never come from quiters, they come from struggles and challanges. I like to think of wealthy affiliate as a incremental series advancementments based on the successes and failures of the memebers experiences. We should all take the positive experiences and build our website on them. We are in fact standing on the shoulders of giants. And the only way to give back is to share your successes and let others benefit from your success.


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JeannineC Premium
I've found the most successful sites were built over time, which also makes them last a long time as well, producing revenue all that time. I'm always a fan of taking the time to do it right over doing it fast. Keep p the great job.