Web Visitors and Holiday Fare

Last Update: December 19, 2010

Tools and Strategies I'm Using

I worked on a few websites over the past few weeks, and finally have three that I'm using as an affiliate marketer for Wealthy Affiliate. I have another I am working on for health and wellness.

I used a google.blogspot for two of them. The good thing about the blogspots is they are very quick. I'm not sure how well the keywords and traffic I've set up will work. I am going to track it. I've used fiverr.com to handle the more technical aspects of website, like SEO optimization and generating traffic. 

One of the senior WA members mentioned that w/ google.blogspot, the blog is not yours, and can be yanked, along with your content, etc. So, I am going to go easy with those blogs.

Am finishing the WA Affiliate WordPress site early this week. Marcus has really been great. Answers all my emails. Lots of good tips. Also lots of good tips and resources from  PotPie GIrl, MagiStudios, Ezinewriter and others.  The discussion in the forums is really helpful. And, the training and webinars are great.

I will be writing marketing articles and placing them the next few days. Then, off for Christmas.

When I'm back, I'll want to start tracking keywords and traffic to see what I'm doing right and where I'm wrong. My history has been to have good ezine article visits and site visits, but nothing much in sales. So, I will want to see how I can analyze things, and create sites that convert visitors to buyers.

Anyone who has tools or tips to help with the issue of converting visitors to buyers, I'd would really appreciate your thoughts. It helps!!

I hope everyone has a joyful and peaceful holiday season, however you celebrate - and wherever you are.

Blessings and Best Wishes

Anne Hays ("Hazie")






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