Can I Cancel New Site Comments Interest Match Notifications?

Last Update: Mar 8, 2022


Are any members, like myself, tired of receving notifications of the above that have nothing to do with their niche? Around ninety percent of the notifications I receive aren't even remotely a match for my niche(s).

On Monday 7th I received ten notifications, only two were related to my sites. Another four, were not even remotelly a match. The remaining four were apparently a website that doesn't exist!

When I clciked on each of these links I got a message "sorry, post could not be found" This is the domain:


:and what I assume is the footer:
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I can spend my time better than clicking on non-existent websites or matches unrelated to my sites. The question is: How do I cancel these noticications and just comment on websites of interest? Thanks.

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Thanks, Phil, much appreciated

if you goto websites>>sitecomments>> my settings
you can then edit your preferences for site matches....
or even untick them totally and then visit sitecomments every now and then....
can you tell whether they are live sites or articles...nope...
just leave a quick comment that the article does not maybe they are updating it...
i hope you find a resolution to your problem...

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