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I had been less active in the Wealthy Affiliate community for the last few months.The main reason I was less active here at Wealthy Affiliate was that I wanted to focus more on my personal blog.Today, I'm writing this post to help the fellow Wealthy Affiliates who are thinking about quitting the platform every time they need to publish an article on their respective blogs.Here are the five reasons to stick to the Wealthy Affiliate platform especially when you are feeling low.1. Progress Is Slow
Since the time Google has released the core update in May 2020 I'm seeing the constant drop in my traffic and of course, I'm worried.And that even when each article on my website is unique (not sure what Google thinks about it) and is at least 1500 words long.But today morning I saw a huge drop in the number of impressions and I feel it's time for me to dig deeper into the real reason behind the significant drop in the traffic.(Note: The screenshots below and featured image are from my own webs
Is Affiliate Marketing Only For Bloggers?Nope, but blogging is one of the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing.The ideas are endless and the sky is the limit.Affiliate marketing is for the people who are bloggers, freelancers, developers, designers and every person who is interesting for earning some extra income or generate some kind of income source. You can join any affiliate marketing program which is best according to your niche so that you can earn and have interest accordingl
Every now and then, I talk to people who don’t think seriously about on-page SEO.For competitive phrases, backlinks play a huge role, and I have no doubt about that. Fresh domains with no links at all will also have a hard time to rank with content only.But I treat on-page and off-page SEO as equals.Here, I’d like to answer some common questions about it so you can make your own opinion.1. I have a perfectly optimized content, but it’s not ranking. Why?Most often, the reason i
I have been away for months from blogging here at Wealthy Affiliate.I have a day job and during this pandemic had even more office work. lol.I was working on my website whenever I could spare some time.I decided to get back to the community and share my thoughts.How to come up with a great blog idea?Is it even worth it? There is more probability that we fail as a blogger than succeed but I'm confident that as long as I have an idea I am passionate about I can make it happen. Talking about the p
Yes, there are keywords like this one that literally has no competition...and that too in the highly competitive industry called affiliate marketing.!I stumbled upon this particular keyword today while I was doing my regular keyword research through google keyword planner.It's still my first-hand tool and Jaaxy comes next.Whenever I decide on a specific keyword to write a post, I take a look at how many search results Google is showing.That simply tells us how much competition you are going to
What's The Better Time To Start Affiliate Marketing?More and more business are coming online and billions of transactions are taking place everyday.Experienced marketers know this, and they know that affiliate marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon. There has never been a better time to start an affiliate marketing business than today, and the opportunity continues to grow every day as millions of people turn to the internet to purchase new products and services.Still not convinced? Here
Seriously, this question has no secrets.It’s a question that I find challenging because it’s not what you should focus on nor should it be a goal you chase.The making money part happens at the end, not the beginning.You’re going to probably hate me for what I’m about to write, but if you take the time to understand it, then you’ll actually have a chance to make money online.There are only three steps to make money online:1. Decide On One Thing & Lock It InDo yo
Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and what its advantages are, let's discuss the common affiliate marketing mistakes that beginners do when they start this type of business.You will come across many people who claim to teach affiliate marketing "the right way".The ones who say that they are teaching you free often hold back important pieces of information that are crucial to the business.Usually, they only tell you enough to get you to buy their products or the affiliate products th
5 Challenges in Affiliate MarketingIf you are building your affiliate marketing business online you know what I am talking about. From not getting enough sleep because you are still doing your day job and worrying about how your going to pay your next bill and to get your kid up for school in the morning. Let me share with the top five Challenges in Affiliate Marketing and how to overcome them.Challenge 1: Choosing a Profitable NicheChoosing a profitable niche is the most important thing you ca