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May 05, 2017
Hey Wealthy Affiliate friends,I have a surgery coming up on the 15th this month. It's been a challenge for me for 4 years now dealing with this ailment, but I'm going to have this taken cared of this month. It's an outpatient surgery and the recovery is between a few days to 2 weeks. A side effect is nausea so I'll be resting a bit, but I will be feeling much better after this is all done. It's a female issue . The doctors had to test to make sure there were no pre-cancerous cells and there isn
March 14, 2017
Hello Wealthy Affiliate family,There have been a few changes. On February 10th, my boys , boyfriend and I moved into our first place together. It was about a 2 hour drive from my old place to here. We had a lot of help on moving day, it was great !The boys are happy in their new schools, we're happy in our new place, my 13 year old son is enjoying his own room. There has been a lot going on. I am sorry it has taken me longer to get back. I'm getting there. This is a big and wonderful change fo
December 27, 2016
Hi everyone, I officially started here April of this year...8 months ago. This summer I set up my Twitter account and Twitter jukebox shortly after. I am getting 3-6 followers everyday now. It works! I have a couple subscribers on my website. Things are moving along. It shows with hard and dedication, great things start happening. I look forward to continuing and watching my business grow ! It's been challenging as well, but I'm not giving up. It does take time but it will happen . My boys and
November 11, 2016
It was August of 2002 when my first son was born, Ethan. This was at UC San Francisco. It's an amazing hospital ! I was in labor for 28 hours then had a C-section. Ethan had to be put on life support immediately after he was born. He had a serious heart condition, hypoplastic left heart syndrome. It's a common heart condition, but he had the worst kind, rare 1 in 10,000 babies. We knew about this before he was born and that's why he had to be born at UCSF because they specialize in cardiac cond
November 11, 2016
Hey, great news! I was checking my emails and it said new registration on my website so I came back here , logged onto my website and checked users. It shows that I have a subscriber. It's a start! Hard work definitely pays off.I still have a ways to go but I'm getting there. It's so true we just have to be patient, be consistent and continue to work hard. I can't wait til I'm financially stable and give my wonderful boys so much more . They deserve it, they have and are going thru so much, but
November 03, 2016
Hey everyone,I'm not sure if you heard on the news in your area, but there has been an issue with Microsoft and Windows. On the news they were saying to make sure auto is on and to only use Google Chrome for now when getting online. Don't use Internet Explorer,its more susceptible to hackers getting in. I just wanted to let everyone know about this if you haven't already! It's crazy that we also have to cover up the camera on top of our laptops. My laptop almost got hacked into earlier this ye
October 05, 2016
Hello everyone,I have to see the doctor tomorrow I have something going on with my lower abdomen, not sure what it is and I haven't been feeling well lately. I'm not able to make the payment this month, but will be back early next month. Some of my symptoms are leg pain, pain in my arm, below my ribs, a weird pulsating feeling in my lower abdomen, it feels like little kicks but im not pregnant and swollen abdomen. I'm praying about it. I wish everyone a great rest of the month and talk soon ! :
June 24, 2016
Hey everyone,Here it is, my son singing with his choir ! I wanted to share this, the choir did a wonderful job singing the National Anthem at the Mariner's game in Seattle. It can be found at this link Check it out ! : )
Thank you to all of you for serving our country and making the ultimate sacrifice !
May 29, 2016
I was listening to the church service online, I wasn't feeling good but I'm getting better. It's Foursquare church. It's amazing people nation wide and all over the world can catch this service online including our US troops that are oversees! Pastor Roger is Awesome ! The younger pastor's wife Christina was speaking this morning. She was talking about when you feel like God isn't there. Asking why am I going through this terrible time and suffering?She was saying which is true, when we're f