Self doubt is a partner in this journey

Last Update: March 24, 2019

So, I've been here for 5 months but started my journey 13 months ago, consistently adding video content on my website and YouTube channel. Almost finished the 5 basic training here at WA, and I have one sale to show off after all ($10)!

Now, I realize that the journey takes a longer time but my doubts are about the niche I choose which is Teaching Guitar in Arabic Language. As the web is full of English guitar tuition, I focused on building a website and YouTube channel in Arabic for those who don't understand English.

So far I am collecting Emails and followers, and I offer everything for free like the 4 courses on my website totally free, only one book is for $10 and so far I had one sale.

How can I accelerate my success here?

I joined 2 online platforms here in Egypt which are (Jumia) and (souq) both selling guitars and strings. I embed my affiliate links in the articles I put on my website, but so far not one sale happened from these. Most of the followers complain that they don't have Credit Card and they never bought anything online before!!

Did anyone had this problem before?

Doubts are creeping in but I am still optimistic about my journey, I enjoy everything I do from shooting videos, writing content, to answer questions on my website but it will be awesome if I saw some revenue to my efforts, after all this is the goal here.

I would like any help from you, and thank you for reading this.


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FKelso Premium
I have been here for almost nine months and have made only a few little sales. However, I can see my website building; filling out; readying itself for future action. Give it time.

If you are concerned about your niche, you can change it. But, I would imagine the problems would be similar because of the language difficulties or the tech knowledge of your audience.

I hope it all works the way you wish.
joerice Premium
You are getting some valuable experience. You can always start a other niche. Best wish's to your success
AHost-Madsen Premium
Hany it is good if you ask people who have been successful before you...Jerry Huang is a perfect example of this. If you have been reading the daily blog posts you would have seen that Jerry made $40K in 4 hours and then went on to make $100K that week -- he translated a platform similar to WA into Mandarin Chinese (similar to what you are doing).

Reach out to him. Ask questions. He's a really nice guy and quite helpful!

Best of luck on your journey to success!
SonicBoom Premium
Hany I think the culture of buying online in certain countries needs to establish more as I live in an Arab speaking country too. I have no doubt that your website will grow over the next 5 years. In the meantime, I am focusing on the moredeveloped American, European and Australian markets. If my business grow and I reach a sustainable income level, I’ll invest money into developing business in my country more. But for now, I focus else where.

Have you thought of expanding your buiness to 1) other Arabic instruments and 2) other string instruments?

Good luck with your venture!