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Last Update: January 18, 2017

Just an update of what I "own" in this university as of yet since there have been and still are a few really good ideas between my two ears.

Please mark that I do realize that buying the domain is easy, cheap and a complete waste of money if leaft alone.

However, buying and setting up a domain/WP is something that is necessary as a first step to being serious in the business. Along the road some of them will be droped but it is clearly an investment in my education.

www.hanskristian1.no / com: Mainly for use as trial and error in creating page and some school work.

www.4tys.com : Blog/site for my ideas and experience regarding passing the 40 year mark.

www.elitetravelbooking.com : To get experience in buying a ready site with contents (Flippa.com) + getting the travel online business to know a bit. Getting to know the business in the future it will become very realistic to expand and rework this site.

www.accestraveling.com : An idea about providing a travel experience for those who may need extra access assistance.

www.enteranywhere.com : No content yet as the jury is still out on this site. In my mind the domain is pretty high up on the premium as it can be used in personal development business, travel business or some other business with a high cashflow. Just don't want to mess this one up with being inexperienced.

www.generasjonen.no : Just gained this one yesterday and will look for a historical solution here. Primarily Norwegian related however the business model started on paper should be highly suited for a .com domain. Just don't know the correct name for it yet as it do need to look good on a brick and mortar store as well in the future.

So hopefully this will give you some insight in what is going on and that this is a journey of my mistakes and victories.

Brgs. Hans Kr.

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WindyCityUSA Premium
Thanks for sharing, good luck to you!