Either stay where you're at or change it. Up to you.

Last Update: January 06, 2019

Let's go, time to do this! I am so tired of the 9-5 work style. I've always been eager for something different. Life does not need to be so boring. I know it's a mindset but if your mind is telling you, there's so much more out there... then I cannot help but follow it. It is so great seeing so many others with this same voice in their head. It is so scary and hard to take this leap of faith of going "online." Here me out, I am a hard worker but sometimes I think... it's just easier to do what I already know. Let's be real this all seems too good be true. Then I remember I won't be really enjoying life fully until I'm about 60 yrs old! That's insane... I'm only 25 and I'm already feeling this way, something has to change. I know some people are OK with that type of life, but I am NOT! Imagining a life where I can truly work from any location at MY pace, by MY choice... is still very hard to imagine. Being able to spend time with family at the most crucial times and not worrying about having to ask time off, or wondering if I can even afford to spend time with them, because I need to work in order to make money. So, why not check it out? Either I stay where I am... or I can change it. So here's to the first step to making it all a POSSIBILITY!

Thanks for reading my rant of fear and excitement :)

<3 Amyy Kayy

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mawel2 Premium
I wanted to change it up so bad I got scammed> but b/c of the scam I found WA which I am so grateful for. 2019 here we come!
Congratulations Amy!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

You have joined an amazing community.

The opportunities here are endless

I wish you much success.

Peace and love