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Last Update: December 02, 2012
I need a little help from you guys.I have a few website that i built in the last month ,and i feel that something is wrong with them.One of the problems that I have is to make content,because English isn't my language,and I have to outsource all my articles and it takes time and money for each article I need.Anyway I want to hear your opinion about the websites so I can fix or change what would be need.I'm sorry for my grammar and spelling mistakes.I hope you will find the time to review the websites,The url's are on my profile page.
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Shawn Martin Premium
I find that one project at a time works well with me. I learned rather quickly that managing multiple sites takes a ton of work. I do it full time and with 4 sites it is a full time job for me. Hope this helps.
Hello Gil,
I would like to suggest you some changes with whatever knowledge I have.

1) First of all please remove the Calender widget.
2) If anyone wants to reply on any of your posts, the person first needs to be logged in. What I feel is, you can rather put a comment, email field so that people can comment on the post regardless of login id.
3) You can have an opt-in subscription form in your website(other than the RSS icon).
4) Also, the RSS icon can be placed at some better place. Maybe you can have a FB like button, RSS button and Twitter button (FB and Twitter really help you gain popularity for the website).
5) Also, you can have Home, About Me, Contact Me, Privacy Blog,etc. in one navigational bar. That would give a better look and feel to the website.

Hope you find the above points useful in some manner.
Thanks and Have a great day!! :)
guy0404 Premium
Thanks I will do that,Have a nice day :)
jghwebbrand Premium
jgy0404, I responded to one of your websites on your profile page. Please take a look as I gave you some helpful tips.