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Hello everyoneI know it has been a long while since I have blogged about my progress. But I had to take a break last year till Dec for health reasons. So I have started up again this Dec (7 weeks ago) and decided to give you a progress update.My original site went on the back burner last year because of the break I took but it is starting to pick up again. I am ranking on page 1 of Bing and Yahoo again, woohoo! It is a site that promotes WA so I am hoping to start getting referrals again soon.I
Hi all.I am having an issue with my snippet information displayed at the bottom of a page in the WP editor, in the All-In-One settings. When I create a new page and before I give it a Title or any content the snippet shows my website twice. All my other websites do not do this (only show it once) so I am assuming there is a setting somewhere that needs to be changed. Please see the attached image for what I am trying to say.Any inputs or help with this will be great appreciated. :)ThanksCarl
Well, helllo all and a quick update here.So despite myself, it appears that I have made Ambassador status here at WA, woohoo!. I was not trying for it but it seems that I am there anyway. Thanks to all for all their help and support that has made this possible. I am not sure how long I will be an Ambassador as I am not actively working on it, so it will probably be for a day only, lol. :)I will continue to help people out where I can still and just keep working on my website which is my primary
Hello allThis is just a small update from my last blog. I have now been active for exactly 21/2 months now (76 days), and I have been having little successes the whole time, and loving it. :) (see previous success blogs on my profile)I have now over 1000 followers here at WA, thank u so much to all of u members that are following me, I truly appreciate it and feel very honored that u would want to follow me. So there is one small success that I have achieved. Woohoo. :) I had set this as a goal
April 29, 2017
Hello allWell I said if things changed I would update u all. I did not make this a goal, as I explained in my last update, but it seems that I have made the Top 50 none the less, woohoo! :)I am very happy with the accomplishment and could not have done it without my fellow WA members for all the help and support u have shown me. Thank u all so much!If u are interested in what I have accomplished in my last 58 days since I became active within WA, please go to my profile and check out my success
April 24, 2017
So it has now been almost 2 months (actually 53 days), since I started and I thought that I would give you all an update on my progress. If u have read my previous blogs you'll see that I have had some early successes which have made me very happy. :)Ok so what has happened since my last update. Well for one I am finally ranked in Google, on page 6 only, but I take that as a success that I can actually find my site on Google now. I am still on page 1, position 1 on Bing and page 1 of Yahoo with
April 16, 2017
So, I have been active here now for 45 days. I created my first website 45 days ago and it has already started to work for me. I joined back in 2016 but do to staying in various hospitals for a long time (7 months), I have only been able to be active in the last 45 days.I started out here with a rank of around 300K+ and I am now, 45 days later, at rank 64, Woohoo! I did not expect that and was not working towards it, just trying to help people and work on my website. Now I think I am going to t
Hello everyone. I have been seeing quite a few people asking about what countries are not allowed to join WA. So I asked Kyle about it and decided to post this blog to let people know what the countries are.This is a list of countries that people are from, that cannot join WA as Free and/or Premium Members.1. India2. Phillipines3. Nigeria4. PakistanThese are the countries as of today (10 April 2017), as per Kyle. The reason for this is that the internet crime is to high in these areas. If u hav
Hello allThis is just a short blog to give u and update on my progress to date. I have been active now for 36 days and I have created my new website promoting WA. I wish to thank everyone here for their immense support and help that I have received. Thank u. :)So what have I accomplished to date. Well I started out ranked at 357684 and after a lot of hard work, studying and helping I'm now ranked at 106 as of this writing. I am happy :)I'm not ranked in Google yet, but I am on Page 1 of Bing a
March 25, 2017
So this is an update from my last blog. I have been active now for 25 days here at WA and have achieved some small successes. :)I have received, so far, been indexed by Google and Bing, had 3 organic visitors to my site, 1 referral (one of the 3 visitors), posted my first blog page and created a Facebook page. Woohoo ... I am very happy with the results so far. :) WA is great!Today I took a look at Google and Bing and to my surprise I am on page 1, position 7 for Bing! I know it is only Bing bu