How Do You Make Pay Per Click Advertising Work For You

Last Update: March 21, 2015

Hey Guys and Girls,

I recently attended an affiliate marketing event in London called STM (Stack That Money) on March 9th, followed by a Clickbank event also in London on March 12th. Both extremely

useful. Time well invested.

In both events it became very clear that many successful affiliates were not clued up on PPC, and generally did not try to be. Instead what they did was generally outsource the service via online outsourcing sites.

There was one particular individual whose speech caught my attention, and the gentlemen was Dr Charles Ngo.

If you have been doing affiliate marketing for a while, you will recognize his name, if not you will soon learn, like I did. I spoke to him at an after party event, and can say he is incredibly smart. He is definitely somebody you can learn from. Check him out at:, and also follow him on Twitter to remain at the pulse of what is going on in affiliate marketing: .

Just to be clear with you, no he did not ask me to post this, I genuinely just feel that when in the WA community individuals stumble across opportunities to increase profitability through active learning, the knowledge should be shared in order to amplify results.

Going back to the point of what Dr Ngo stated that stuck with me, he mentioned the Pareto principle which is as follows, "80% of your outcomes come from 20% of your effort." Let me repeat that,

"80% of your outcomes come from 20% of your effort."

Dr Ngo went on to state that the best way to make your ad campaigns work was to create a formula, and system, continuously testing it until it works for you, and use lots of imagery for your content and ads, as that is what people are more drawn to.

One funny thing Dr Ngo said which though funny was extremely important was:

"Don't be in the trenches doing the bitch work."

What Dr Ngo means by this is, focus on your strengths. If you are not technical, let somebody else take the weight off of your shoulders.

If you want to focus on building a healthy affiliate income, and do not want to waste all the time you have trying to catch up to the PPC experts, utilize me an my team by following this link:

If you have any questions on this please leave a comment or inbox me. Always happy to increase your profit.

Stay tuned for my write up on the STM event in London, coming soon.

Alexander (sharing is caring)

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cwrandolph Premium
lol - he is not a dr by the way. He just liked the "dr no" thing cuz he digs the old james bond stuff - ;-)
tommydillard Premium
Just to lrt you know it is against WA policy to advertise products here. Read page 6 of this link.
lisa970 Premium
Thank you for the information,following your links,be blessed
growthcoach Premium
Thank you for reading. I hope this article is helpful, and that the links will add more value to the financial growth of your affilliate sites. My teams PPC service is here to help make the process easier to measure, and profit from.