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50 websites - is premium plus worth it? please read ? below

50 websites - is premium plus worth it? please read ? below

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I'm grandfathered into the 50 websites with my premium membership. If I upgrade to premium plus and then decide to go back to premium do I still keep my 50 websites?

Good question! I'm in same boat!

Did you notice the red circle above your site icon...
it mentions the extra sites you have already...

More coming next days

I think it is well worth it if you have the demand to put that 50 websites provision to good use.

Hi Greg,
Carson posted a comment (in the comment thread under Kyle's video announcing premium plus) which said that more information will be released tomorrow (I am guessing that is tomorrow Canadian time). We will be able to make a more informed decision once that information is available.
Knowing WA, I am confident that they will make the premium plus offer more than worthwhile. I am also very sure that it will be about more than 50 websites. So far there is also Jaaxy Enterprise available as a part of the Premium Plus offer and additional training.
Hope this helps you.

Hi, you can check Carson comment on this thread

Php update ? is there one coming to wa ?

Php update ? is there one coming to wa ?

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PHP up

If your website is running 7.2 or 7.3 then you are ok, SiteSupport are not rolling out 7.4 just yet. The latest version here is 7.3.9 and is still supported, secure and stable.

its a shame as v7.4 has better performance and cleaner functions. Plus v8 will be out in November!

Most web hosts I know have only just updated to 7.1 from the 5.x’s, I can’t see many jumping to 8.x just yet until it’s been proven :-)

yea that depends on the host! Mines been on 7.4 for a while, plus WordPress themselves recommend 7.4 or greater

You’re right, no padlock on this question on my phone either

I host here on WA

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What do we need to do? ccpa california consumer privacy act?

What do we need to do? ccpa california consumer privacy act?

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There are a lot of plugins for CCPA cookies, but what should be me doing to are sites to make sure we are compliant with CCPA, The California Consumer Privacy Act?

Follow the law or guidlines!

The challenge here is that the interpretations of the law by the state have not yet begun, much less been released. Sure, you can read the text of the law, but your interpretation of how it might be implemented most likely will not agree with how the state interprets it.

Here's an article that Awin's legal counsel produced on the new legislations involving privacy.


Thank you, Jeannine

Right now, if you have an email list, make sure opting out is very easy.

While the legislation is going into place now, the legislation is now beginning the "interpretation" phase, so the State of California must decide next how to actually implement what they passed. Seriously, they don't know yet how it will work in real life. That should start taking shape in the next few months, but expect it to keep being refined for years to come.

If you work with any affiliate networks, they should have sent you new Terms & Conditions which include CCPA guidelines. (I know we sent ours out on Awin and ShareASale today.) You can review those for additional information. It's also important than any merchants you work with are taking the CCPA guidelines into place. Most of the big ones have done so already, and the networks have notified their publishers.

Hey Greg,

Loes' blog tips should cover the California Privacy Act too now" Hope you find this helpful.

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