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November 30, 2020
Seems to be a lot of bugs in the classroom section.
Here's a really good video about the CCPA.
Hey all, I just made the top 200 here at WA. Thanks to all my referrals.Greg
Thanks folks. This is the first time I had three paying referrals in one day.Thanks
Hey All,Who's using YouTube to promote Wealthy Affiliate or any other product/service?If not, why not?If so, how often have you been uploading videos? What's your strategy? I actually have a few YouTube channels but my one for promoting the making money niche has been slow moving untill I decided to post videos daily. It's still a small channel. But, I anticipate if I keep consistently uploading useful and valuable content, I will be rewarded like I've seen many others become.You can follow alo
Hey floks, the news from Google is they will be shuting down Google+ over the next 10 months. I've been useing Google plus since day 1 so it will be sad to see it go. What are your thoughts? Do you use it?In other Google News: They add Site Rank thing there's WebTalk.(lol)
While doing a search for one of my keywords I noticed that Google has added a site rank feature to its search. You have to be logged into Google and you have to have your site registered within Google webmaster tools for it to work. Something we all should have done by now if you follow the WA training.This new feature also offers suggestions for performance and how to make changes orf better rankings.EXample: HOW TO IMPROVE Compare this query to your overall site performance.Find out how to us
Hey folks, I just noticed this.Looks like we now have two options for Sitespeed.Accelerated or Extreme Check out your website details to see it.GregP.S.also check out29 Surprisingly Simple Tips For Designing Your Website - Link Roundup
Ok, so I'm not sure if this is Top Secret or Classified. Probably not. At least not anymore.But as rumor has it, this 200 Page Google General Guidelines Document was leaked by accident and then they decided to just release it.So here it is in PDF formatIt's labled Inside Search /How Search Works / Assets Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines.pdf it out.Not an easy read but a good find.
Hey folks,If you're like me, you like to learn new things, strategies and techniques to try out. While there's definitely tons of awesome training here at Wealthy Affiliate, there certainly is other cool stuff found on YouTube and other places around the web.One problem I find myself and others WA members have is what to write about or how to write the articles.Here's a simple website blueprint from the guys at Income School that I think WA members can benefit from as well. This is mentioned i