Blast Off!

Last Update: December 05, 2014

I have to say, I am impressed and excited. Just my first day here at WA, The tools and resources are superior.

Very friendly, positive environment too.

I was actually able to get my first website started here, just as it advertised in a matter of seconds with juts a few clicks!

I used a domain I had sitting around, and installed Wordpress in seconds using the Websites & Hosting tools!

The wizard pulled my domain over and put it all together...viola! Really, really cool.

Now I am going to go through the steps to develop it as I move through the certifications, starting with #1.

I'll post about my experiences and questions too!

Bets of success to all of you WA!

Rick G

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DWellman Premium
Rick - my first day too! Looking forward to what lies ahead for us both.
greenwealth Premium
First day too? Congrats! I will follow your progress my friend.
This should be very interesting.Things are laid out very logically and the quality of the content is WAY above what I have seen elsewhere, even when they include video training.
Lots of content elsewhere is equal to PLR-quality/ generic.
This is not!
I am going through Certification Lesson #1 today.
Don't you think?
Rick G