Question:Are you Called or Driven? Part 1

Last Update: February 05, 2016

Ask yourself this question...."I'm I called or am I driven in life?"

This is a very important question to think about and answer honestly,and this will make the entire difference in your trajectory in life,business, relationships,and your spiritual walk.

When we are driven it is all about us and the gain,the accomplishment,the accumulation and the self serving attitude.Yes we wrap the driveness in a nice outer dressing or kindness,giving,and other niceties as well. However the inside is raging to win,to perform,to come in first.

When we are driven some of the symptoms may include broken relationships,going from thing to thing,resentment,poor health,financial crisis,no peace,no joy,no temperance with others,pride and the list goes on and on.

My next blog will dig a bit deeper into being driven or called and why it is the key to your success in all areas of our lives.

I would encourage you to comment...Thank-you.


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SamiWilliams Premium
Finding myself being a bit of both, I think they will eventually balance each other out! My other bit includes some crazy, determined and extremely enchanted with the project!
MKearns Premium
Obviously being called involves an external prompting. Interesting take.
jdlovel Premium
Man, congrats on getting your site up. I really like that theme and an the logo is off the hook. Did you do that or have some one else do it. Great start!
Gr8Purpose Premium
He'll thanks for reading my post...I appreciate your words of encouragement on my website. All the best to you and our efforts with WA...""Love on Purpose"...Always!
truered Premium
I believe that a person can be called or driven to do something very special.
Personally I feel like I am called to some things in my life and driven in other areas.
For example I was called to be a mother, it came very naturally to me. i knew instinctively what to do with all four of my children.
I was driven to finish school and get my teaching certification, yes it was for monetary gain but the bills have to be paid. Once I started teaching I found out that I am pretty darn good at it, especially with the students that no one else wants to deal with.
So I would say that being called and/or driven to succeed is just part of living in this world and how one handles their calling or drive determines what they bring into their lives, good or bad.
Gr8Purpose Premium
Thanks for your comment and push back...great comments and insights!