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Last Update: January 06, 2015

Hi Folks - Hope everyone is OK.

I have not been on with WA for very long, less than one month. However during that time I have received a ton of information. Classes here, classes there. It seems never ending, and shouldn't be. It can be daunting particularly for a newbie like me.

I have already filled one book with notes and starting on my second.

The point is information is the lifeblood of the business, so I had a very simple idea that most of you may be doing but some of you won't be.

Open a simple "Notepad" file and name it Wealthy Affiliate, or whatever you want

Then put all your passwords and logon information in this file.

i now use my file for everything. - All my keywords are stored in there. Any URL's that I want to tag for easy access. In fact everything I need to run the WA program and my website efficiently is stored in this file.

The file is kept on my PC desktop.

i know its not world changing but it will make a difference

Hope this helps


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jacob23 Premium
Good idea. Exactly what I am doing too. cheers
garyyoungest Premium
Good idea. I actually keep all of my passwords, business sites, etc. on a flash drive. I make sure to update/copy a second flash drive every couple of days. This accomplishes a couple of things. I don't have all of that important information stored ANYWHERE on my computer, so hackers don't have access to it. I keep my flash drive with me, so if I need to use a friend or relatives computer, the information is easily available. If (when) my computer crashes, I have my most important information on the flash drive. If my computer crashed today, I would have access to my most important information without having a heart attack because of the stress. I keep many of my important scanned documents (drivers license, insurance papers, etc) on a different flash drive in my bank deposit box. You never know when you might need that info too. All of those documents are kept in PDF format so it's easy to open the files on a different computer. Most people have Adobe Reader.
GoSparky Premium
Sound advice Gary. It's important that people keep all this information handy and safe. I also use my notepad file for interesting articles i find or get pointed to in WA (URL only) That way everything is easy to reach
DiegoST Premium
I am doing the same very useful..when I open my PC I already know where I left yesterday my this way is very clean and organized..
GoSparky Premium
Hi Diego - Its a simple idea but very useful