Youtube Videos, Why We Waited So Long To Start

Last Update: September 06, 2019

Youtube Video Newbie

The title of this blog can be interpreted as a statement or question.

From our perspective it is a question. Why DID we wait so long?

There were no obstacles stopping us from taking our smartphone out and hitting the record button.

Yet here we are a few years into this online journey and we are only now starting to be serious about creating videos.

I think the real reason is the fear that our peers would see us in a different way.

What I think made us finally take the leap is the fact that we no longer care what others think.

Our mindset has taken the next leap into doing what needs to be done in order to be successful.

Remembering Our First Blog

While making our first video it brought me back to when I wrote my first blog.

Writing the blog wasn't the hardest thing, although it did rattle some rusty braincells back into action.

The hardest part was clicking that "publish" button.

I had the same feeling when uploading the first video. Then sharing it with our family and friends.

In the end we only received positive feedback and support.

It's the same thing this time around.

Take The Leap

That is the best advise that I can give. Take the leap of faith and start creating your Youtube videos now.

Now is better than tomorrow.

Just pick up that mobile, open that camera and start recording, upload and don't look back.

Slow Start

Just remember, it will be slow progress in the beginning, the same as with your blog site but don't give up.

Keep creating content and publishing it.

Keep it real, keep it helpful and you will succeed.

Here is our new you tube channel if you want to have a good laugh ==>

Our "About" video was recorded on our second try, the first one was only about a minute to get things lined up.

I hope this gives you inspiration to get started NOW!



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HowardJaros Premium
Agreed Paul! We have had a YouTube channel for years but did not start getting in front of the camera for the same reasons you mentioned.

It's too bad! We have been in our niche for 11 years. If we started five years ago with YouTube we would now be so much farther ahead of others that claim to be experts in our niche that only have one year of experience.

Like you say, don't wait! Get started!!

Happy Youtubing!
Googlmans Premium
Thank you...we will keep going at it. :)
akolipenouko Premium
Pretty good start, if you'd ask me . I have a YouTube channel that I have neglected for more than a year now. Time to go back. Thanks for the motivation.
Googlmans Premium
That's great to hear.
Look forward to seeing it if you can share your link here.
akolipenouko Premium
Self-promotion is not allowed here. So I'll share it through PM
JKulk1 Premium
I'm still trying to get the gear together so that I can actually try and do a video. Jim
Googlmans Premium
Well, I've been told don't worry about the quality at first...just do it. Grab your cellphone and start recording. Like having a website the important thing is your content. All the nice pictures and videos are nice but when people are just looking for info that is authentic and helpful they will come back.
megawinner Premium
It's good to know you have continued what you love doing besides possible earning. I agree, content is the critical point for a successful project. Be it blogging or youtube, etc. Yes, the publishing thing is the woooow part. but we did anyway and found out it was ok. Consistency is another important part of making it big. Thank you, you have just inspired me.
Googlmans Premium
Awesome! I would love it if you can share your Youtube link so I can check it out and share. Cheers