Simplisafe Home Security System is Simply The Best

Last Update: March 04, 2015

There was a time when making sure you and your family had home protection was often cost prohibitive primarily because you needed a professional installation of most systems. After that came the contract with monthly maintenance fees. Thank goodness, those days are dwindling and, in some cases, you can get minimum protection for as little as $10. For instance, General Electric sells a doorstop alarm that will activate when someone tries to open a door. This can really come in handy for travelers who can use them to alarm hotel room doors.

With the advancement of wireless technology, home security systems have continued to improve and become a lot more practical a solution for the DIY homeowner. Simplisafe home security system is one of the best units on the market and is easy to install. It allows the homeowner to receive all of the equipment pre-programmed and ready to go. There are four different systems from which to choose and the system is flexible from central monitoring or self-monitoring from any mobile device. This home security system stands out as one of the top wireless security systems on the market today and with no contract.

Some of the other benefits to the Simplisafe system is inexpensive monthly monitoring, dedicated cellular communication with remote monitoring, easy to install, simple to relocate, and there is three-year warranty on the equipment. There are other wireless security systems on the market but we have found none as inexpensive and simple as the Simplisafe Home Security System.

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