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I'm retired from our city owned power plant and am looking for something to add to my income. Health issues and come brain farts have led to the need of extra income. I've spent to much time and money has been wasted and it's time to find something that works. Welcome WA into my life. I'm not very techie but if some are willing to put up with my questions and yes, some dumb questions, I'm willing to try my best to return any favors that ya'll have granted me.
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Gregandjenny Premium
Don't hesitate to ask questions every one here are genuinely helpful ! I am fairly new here but you can ask me anytime and i might be able to help ...Have fun here in Wa!
wishing you the best
Gregandjenny Premium
Welcome to WA! .You just made a right decision to joined WA ! You will love it here . Feel free to ask questions . everyone here are ready to answer all your questions that you may have.. Start watching the video training , You will like it , The training is very easy to understand before you know it. you will be building your own website . so wishing you the best !